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2011 Feb AdCom Actions

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society  Administrative Committee Minutes

Held on 20 February 2011 Marriott Hotel, Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA
Notice for next meeting:
Monday, 15 August 2011: AdCom will meet at the Marriott Hotel in Cambridge,


Motion 1: To approve the minutes of the Adcom meetings on 8 Feb. 2009, 17 Aug. 2009,
7 Feb. 2010 and 16 Aug. 2010. The motion passed.

Motion 2: To change the Society’s constitution and bylaws to clarify the role of the
executive director. The motion passed.

Motion 3 : To approve the following to serve as members of the nominations committee:
Willy Sansen, Chair; Dick Jaeger, Tadahiro Kuroda, Bram Nauta, Ian Young, Bernhard
Boser, and Rakesh Kumar. The motion passed.

Motion 4: To fund up to $25k in 2012 for travel-grant awards for SSCS student members
for travel to SSCS conferences. The motion passed.

Motion 5: To allocate $25k in the 2012 budget for up to 5 pre-doctoral achievement
awards for SSCS student members. The awards will include money to be used for travel
to attend ISSCC. The motion passed.

Motion 6: To advance $600k for ISSCC 2012. The motion passed.

Motion 7: Drop the Organics Conference sponsorship
To approve technically co-sponsored conferences:
a) 5 year approval of BCTM
b) 4 year approval of ISLPED.
The motion passed.

Motion 8: To proceed via Task Force participation in creation of an MOU, Scope,
Editorial Board and Budget of the newly defined ‚ÄúDesign and Test Magazine‚ÄĚ.
The motion passed.

Motion 9: To conditionally approve a budget of $30k/year for the “Design and Test
Magazine‚ÄĚ, conditioned on the equal participation of CASS and CEDA, and on a jointly
signed MOU. The motion passed.

Motion 10: To budget $45k for the Distinguished Lecturers Program in 2012. The
motion passed.

Motion 11: To budget $84k for the SSCS Chapters in 2012. The motion passed.

Motion 12: That a page budget of up to 400 pages be approved for the SSC Magazine for
the year 2012. The motion passed.

Motion 13: That a page budget of 3100 pages be approved for the JSSC for the year
2012. The motion passed.



1. Introduction BERNHARD BOSER
2. Finances     HARRY LEE
3. Bylaw and Consitution Must-Haves    DICK JAEGER
4. Nominations Committee    WILLY SANSEN
5. Membership      TZI-DAR CHIEUH
6. Awards  Report JOHN CORCORAN
8. Conferences and Prepublication Policy Proposal      BILL BIDERMANN

Other sponsored conference reports from morning committee but not reveiwed as part of AdCom.

9.   Publications Committee    GLENN GULAK
10. Distinguished Lecture Program and Education    DOMINE LEENEARTS
11. Strategic Directions discussion no report   RAKESH KUMAR
12. Chapters Report     JAN VAN DER SPIEGEL
13. Magazine Report and Review Plans     MARY LANZEROTTI
14. JSSC Report    UN-KU MOON
15. Nano Technology Council Report     IAN YOUNG
16. Biometrics Council  Report    BRUCE HECHT
17. RFID Council Report     SHAHRIAR MIRABBASI
18. Engineering Technology Management Council Report     RAKESH KUMAR
19. Electronic Design Automation Council Report    BRYAN ACKLAND
20. Sensors Council Report     DARRIN YOUNG
21. Financial Implications 2011 Budget    HARRY LEE